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Virtual Platform: That’s Our Specialty

Virtual Event

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Virtual events are live online meetings that take place over the internet.

They are usually recorded and made available as a video file that can be viewed at any time.

A virtual event is different from a physical event because it doesn’t require attendees to attend physically.


Many small businesses struggle to organise and run successful virtual events.


  • We help you to organise and run a successful virtual event.
  • We will set up the technology, design the presentation slides, manage the recording and delivery of the event.
  • We will also handle all the technical requirements so you can focus on running the event.


We will discuss your goals and objectives for your event.

We will develop a strategy that meets your needs.

We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining fees and the next steps.

Every month, we will communicate clearly and delivering measurable results.

Why us: 

We have been organising and running successful virtual events that are as close to in-person ones.

Your branded hub where streaming, networking, engagement, and sponsor visibility come to life.


Live Broadcast

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Live streaming is the most effective way to engage audiences online.

It allows users to watch or listen to video content as it happens, rather than having to wait until it has been recorded.


Many businesses lack experience in using live broadcasting; therefore they miss out on new opportunities to connect with their audience.


  • We help you to reach your audience through live streaming.
  • We will create a customized live stream for your brand that includes all the elements needed to engage your audience.
  • We will create engaging content that is tailored to your brand and audience.
  • We will promote your live streams across social media platforms.
  • We will manage your live stream.


We choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to your audience.

Next, we will create a customised schedule that works around your day.

We will create content that is specific to your niche and audience.
We’ll promote your live stream across social media platforms. 

Why us:

We have experience creating live streams for brands like yours.

Flawless, secure, live streaming for your live events, all-hands, & everything in between. Engage customers in real-time and get more sales with immersive live shopping technology.


Virtual Exhibition

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Virtual exhibitions are online events where you invite your clients or prospects to attend via video conferencing.

It’s a great way to connect face to face with your clients and prospects without them having to travel.


Most businesses do not have sufficient budget to host a physical event so they use virtual exhibitions instead.


  • Our virtual exhibitions allow you to showcase your products and services to your clients and prospects.
  • Your clients will be able to view your product demonstrations, ask questions, and even buy your products.
  • They can also download your brochures, presentations, and other materials.


We’ll discuss your requirements and objectives.

We’ll develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

You’ll be provided with a quote and schedule.

And finally, you’ll be sent a link to access your virtual exhibition.

Once set up, you’ll receive daily reports detailing the number of views, downloads, and conversions.

If you want, we can help you promote your virtual exhibition through social media.

Why us:

We offer an easy to use platform that makes managing your virtual exhibition simple.

We provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month showing the performance of your virtual exhibition.

Live Virtual Exhibitions are an effective way to showcase your company to potential clients.

You’ll be able to interact directly with prospects and clients at any time