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Smarter Ways to Engage Teaching and Learning Better With Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and most likely something new comes out every day, especially in the education field.

Not to mention, teaching and learning are key drivers for trainee success and significant contributors to the overall performance of teaching quality. Thus, technology has revolutionized the way we teach and learn.

However, there are still many challenges associated with using technology in education.

How to overcome these challenges? Keep reading until the end so you can get to know how you as a trainer can provide trainees with better learning experiences respectively.


Challenges with Engagement in Online Learning

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges for online learning. The main problem is that trainees don’t feel like they’re part of the community. This is especially the case during the pandemic where social distancing measures have been put into place.

They might find themselves isolated from others because of distance learning. They might also lack the motivation to participate in discussions since they cannot see each other physically.

Trainees may not be able to meet face-to-face or even talk on the phone due to quarantine restrictions. Thus, it’s hard for them to connect with their peers and instructors.

Trainers may also struggle to ensure that all trainees receive the same level of instruction.

As for the trainers, the majority of their time is spent on marking. Since many people prefer working from home, it’s possible that teachers might spend hours every day just responding to messages or dealing with students’ assessments.

It can be hard when trainers have to deal with a lack of response from trainees who not only fail to attend classes but also keep quiet when attending the classes. It becomes difficult to track them down and get feedback about what went wrong.

What if we use smart technology like an integrated learning management platform to solve this? That would allow trainers to rate their trainees based on different criteria such as relevance, difficulty level, completeness, etc, and vice versa.

For example, when a teacher sees that his/her students did poorly on a quiz, he/she could review all questions related to that topic before giving another quiz or assessment.

Likewise, students can also rate their trainers’ quality in one go, providing instant feedback to trainers on where to improve their teaching methods and deciding which parts of the teaching materials should be reviewed more often.

Want to know more? Keep reading.


Ensuring Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

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Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular because they allow trainees to learn at their own pace without leaving home or school. This is especially the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, where schools are closed, and everyone has to stay home. trainers also have the opportunity to teach anywhere, anytime, and to any number of trainees. 

As a trainer is to ensure that you organize content in a learning management system that can promote interaction between trainers and trainees to achieve learning objectives seamlessly, and in return, better learning process for trainees and teaching process for educators. Hence, let us introduce you to the most interactive teaching and learning platform, Edulive.

Edulive helps you organize and manage online training modules by allowing you to create courses, assign tasks, set deadlines, add videos, upload documents, and much more. You can easily share your lessons with your trainees in a single platform.

In the class, you can use Edulive to set up interactive whiteboards to display animation, images, videos, and presentations so that students can discuss issues directly with trainers.

You can also monitor how well your learners engage with your virtual classroom using Edulive’s analytics dashboard. 

The data collected includes learner engagement metrics, task completion rates, and user activity logs. This information allows you to identify areas of improvement so that you can improve your lesson plans and deliver high-quality online education.

From there, trainers can view the reports generated by the trainee’s responses. They can see how many people completed the test correctly, what percentage answered every single question correctly, and other useful data points.

This way, you can get an idea about how well your lesson was received by your trainees. If necessary, you can make changes accordingly.


Providing Support Services to Trainers

Online learning has become popular for learning. However, on the other hand, trainers don’t always know how to use technology effectively when it comes to data management systems.

They may be afraid of using technology, not understanding how to use it, or lack confidence in their ability to teach online. If you want to provide effective online learning, then you need to provide support services to trainers.

Everyday terms, data management is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data in a cost-effective, secure, and efficient manner. Data management helps people, organizations, and connected things optimize data usage to make better-informed decisions that yield maximum benefit.

With Edulive, rest assured that we have created a comprehensive online platform specifically designed to meet all of your needs as a trainer without much blows and whistles. There will be a completed data management system to cover management of business, operations, training, revenue, warehouse, and facilities.


A Better Learning Experience for Trainees

Tailoring the learning experience to trainees is crucial for leveling up engagement among them. For example, some trainees like to read textbooks before class starts. Others would rather watch videos than listen to lectures. Some trainees have trouble focusing during lecture times.

Gamification can be applied to any learning environment. For example, it allows trainees to earn points based on their performance. Then, these points can be redeemed for prizes that can be collected online.

Assuming a trainee completes all assignments correctly, he/she earns 10 points. In addition, he/she can redeem these points for rewards such as discounts at local stores.

You can apply gamification techniques to almost any learning material, including quizzes, assignments, lectures, homework, and tests. This can be done through a learning management system (LMS) where it provides comprehensive features to implement gamification.

Trainees with special needs, i.e., the blind or visually impaired, often find it challenging to access information through traditional methods. So your content must tailor those kinds of trainees if any.

All in all, consider these factors when providing your learning content to trainees. This will ensure that all trainees get the best out of your learning content management system.

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High Tech Approach to Learning & Teaching

The world today is rapidly changing due to the impact of technological advancements.

There are many ways to make technology a part of the classroom, especially during the pandemic lockdown period. With compelling and attractive learning content, technology can be a great advantage for trainees and trainers who want better engagement in the classroom.

By using a content learning management system, you can easily deliver engaging lessons to trainees and improve communication between trainees and trainers.