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SALT TECH won SME100 Awards 2022 (Fast moving companies)

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We are delighted to announce that Salt Tech Solutions have been nominated as one of the winners of the SME100 Awards 2022, specifically in the fast-moving companies category.

SME100 Awards is an award that involves an independent verification process for businesses, aiming to be recognised as leaders within their industry. The award provides a unique opportunity to showcase our business’s achievements and performance among leading organisations.

Achieving the SME100 awards means we can help increase our brand awareness, generate new leads, and, most importantly, build more trust towards everyone out there. It also means demonstrating our commitment to our team, stakeholders and clients by providing them with a positive experience.

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What makes Salt Tech unique is our focus on providing a better experience in virtual classroom sessions and events that have made us stand out among others. Usually, classes would do this through video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, but we took another step to make things even better.

With Salt Meet, for example, trainers can create and sell online courses, as well as interact with trainees so they can improve their skills in business, digital marketing, technology, design, and other areas, something that can’t really be done through ordinary video conferencing platforms.

In addition, we are able to deliver a very holistic approach to digital marketing and a better virtual experience. We understand how important it is not only to get people to visit their website but to convert them into paying customers. This includes developing effective strategies to drive traffic to their sites, converting visitors into loyal customers and nurturing existing customers through targeted campaigns.

Our company’s use of smart technology allows SALT TECH to offer a highly customised service to each client, from initial consultation to ongoing support and maintenance. This includes providing a better brand experience, which ultimately helps us achieve our goal of helping grow their business to the next level.

Indeed, growing SALT TECH to become the best of the best is not easy. Our journey to transform small and medium-sized businesses or SMEs into digitalising their businesses has been challenging yet rewarding. We have faced multiple challenges along the way, such as a lack of resources and time constraints. However, we never stopped or lost sight of our vision and mission to improve and grow our company along the way.

Our team at SALT TECH is always committed to delivering high-quality services and platforms to our clients. We believe that if we do great work and provide better value, we will attract great clients. To continue to deliver exceptional results, we need to continuously improve ourselves by constantly innovating and adapting to the latest changes, including the latest technology usage.

For us at Salt Tech Solutions, this SME100 award is not only about winning but also about recognising our hard work and dedication towards achieving success. We are very grateful and thankful to all our partners, clients, and the whole team in Salt Tech, who believed in us and supported us throughout our journey. Without you, we would not be here right now.

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Thank you so much for supporting us to who we are today!