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Salt Tech is Featured on PIHEC 2022 (& How We Can Digitalise Your Virtual Event)

Salt Tech is proud to be featured as an official marketing agent at the Penang International Halal Expo & Conference (PIHEC) 2022.

PIHEC 2022 was back with a bang this year as it was held both physically and virtually. In other words, it is done hybrid. The event took place at the Setia SPICE Convention Centre from 1 to 3 July 2022. As the Halal industry in Malaysia is expanding rapidly, it makes sense that PIHEC 2022 will also expand its reach to include both physical and virtual participation, regardless if participants can make it physically or virtually.

This year’s theme, “Building Resilience and Sustainability Towards Stronger Growth”, reflects the need of the halal industry to build resilience and sustainability toward more robust growth. It aims to provide a platform for all stakeholders to come together and discuss issues related to the halal industry.



As a digital and tech agency, Salt Tech plays a role in digitalising this year’s event. Unlike the previous PIHEC conferences, there are digitalisation elements throughout the three-day event, which is by organising a virtual expo and conference on top of the physical ones.

By organising a virtual event, more people can join the event and enjoy the experience without having to travel all the way to Penang. Anyone with an Internet connection can register for the virtual event and attend via their devices, including desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

We have also created a special website for the event where people can find out about PIHEC 2022, register their interest, and access previous conference recordings.


SALT TECH - PIHEC 2022 booth

Salt Tech, being the strategic partner for PIHEC 2022, has helped with the back-end support to ensure that the virtual event runs smoothly. The virtual event platform features a lobby and meeting scheduling function. These features enable people participating in the event to interact and meet potential clients and other industry players.

In addition to the physical exhibition, the virtual aspect of the event will include a series of live webinars, panel discussions, and workshops. With these digitalisation efforts, people who could not attend the event physically can still participate without the need to go to SPICE Convention Centre.

SALT TECH - PIHEC 2022 speaker

One of the notable speakers featured in PIHEC 2022 is Ms. Nhu, founder of Salt Tech. She talked about blockchain and how it can help improve the halal industry. Anyone who could not attend the talk previously can go to to check out the past recording.

Overall, PIHEC 2022 was an excellent opportunity for everyone involved in the halal industry to network and learn new things. The hybrid approach to organising the event made it even better for everyone so no one could miss out on the opportunity.

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