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Online Teaching Software in 2021

Top 3 Online Teaching Software in 2021

The number of Covid 19’s epidemic infections appearing each day has becoming more and more complex. Not knowing when it will end, it definitely disrupting the learning process of students all around the world, from kindergarten kids to university students, worst yet it stop all the training progress for all trainees and employees. In order to encounter this learning progress issues, many schools and centre have started to conduct online teaching by using various online teaching applications that implementing by the resolution of the Ministry of Education. Out of so many online learning applications available on the Internet nowaday, which are the best online teaching software for teachers and students? Let’s find it out.

1. Zoom Cloud Meeting

It is a dedicated application for discussing seminars, group discussions and weekly meeting among team members. With Zoom, the image quality, clear audio transmission, document sharing, and convenient screen sharing are all user friendly, thus we can’t deny that during the Covid pandemic season, Zoom has been downloaded and chosen by many users during 2020 until today. However as it main core, the only fly in the ointment was that Zoom is a software for online conferences, while it does not works perfectly for an online learning user experience. Thus, Zoom’s features still have a few of room for improvements when it comes to online courses teaching experience.

2. Edulive – Online Teaching Platform

With its simple and easy-to-use features, Edulive is one of the online teaching software selected by many enterprises and Language centres, including: Vietnam Military Bank (MB Bank), Langmaster English Center and so on. With the simple interface available in Edulive applications, language has become easy to teach and learn. With ample of user friendly features, Edulive online teaching software help students in managing theirs learning progress and yet provide teachers in designing extremely interactive virtual content. Here are some of the outstanding Edulive features such as, tracking student schedule; rating the quality of the lecture; interactive educational game; creating online quiz, calling 4 students at the same time to the check board; applause and reward function and more. Contact our expert to know more about Edulive.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also top the list as an online teaching software during the Covid-19 pandemic season. The most alluring function that Microsoft Teams provided is their clear and stable transmission line, integrated with applications such as Skype for listening and calling; Powerpoint to prepare lectures materials. However, during the process of using Microsoft Teams, users found that there are some cons that making them difficult to use when conducting online teaching class, such as the complicated steps in creating a login email; integrating many discrete modules and so on.

No doubt that, each of the online teaching software will have their own pros and cons. After all it depends on your preferences as well as your desires in choosing the right online teaching software to use. Among this top 3 online teaching software, which applications you would like to try it out and conducting in an online class? Comment down below your reasons to let us know more !