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Online education has been on a rise since the last decade and it is expected to grow further in the coming years. With more and more people opting for online courses, there are many opportunities that come along with this trend.

But as an educator, hosting your online course can be challenging. You have to make sure you do not take too much time delving into technicalities. If you are a learner, you would want to have a better and more connected experience when using these platforms.

Not to mention, engagement between learners and educators is also crucial. This means that both parties should feel comfortable enough to reach out to each other.

So how do we go about doing all of this?Β 

Introducing Salt Meet!


What is Salt Meet?

𝐒𝐀𝐋𝐓 πŒπ„π„π“Β  is an academy platform where souls with a common interest can meet. When you have thoughts and need guidance, we have all like-minded people around the world to share, grow, and learn in an ever-growing community.

With Salt Meet, learners will get access to a wide range of educational content from experts in their field. The platform provides a safe environment for students to interact with educators and fellow learners.


What Makes Salt Meet Special?

Let’s explore further.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Cutting-Edge Learning Management System (LMS)

With Salt Meet’s learning management system, educators can create engaging lessons and assignments without having any coding knowledge. They can easily add interactive quizzes, videos, images, links, and more.

The LMS allows users to track their progress and provide feedback to teachers. Teachers can even assign homework or projects to help them understand the concepts they learnt.

πŸ”– Reward with Points

Reward you learners with points so they can apply for a free course once they completed the task. By rewarding points, you can motivate learners to complete tasks faster. It helps you keep track of what your learners did and why.

πŸ“© Chat Interactively

With this feature, learners can send messages to instructors when having problems with their education and learners can also learn more about the courses before purchasing them or networking with the expert.

Learners can connect with each other and discuss topics related to their interests. This helps them build connections and find new friends who share similar interests.

πŸ“ Award with Digital Certificate

Encourage more participation in courses and learning by providing digital certificates to learners. These certificates allow learners to share their achievements with others.


Why Teach on Salt Meet?

As an educator, here are some reasons why you should consider teaching on Salt Meet:

➀️ Gain Access to Diverse Learners From All Over the World

Salt Meet connects learners from different countries and cultures. As an educator, you can teach to a global audience with no language barrier.

➀️ Reach More People With Less Effort

You don’t have to worry about reaching out to potential learners since the platform has built-in features to promote your courses.

➀︎ Your Content is Always Yours

Β By hosting your course content on Salt Meet, you retain full ownership over it. You can update your course whenever you want and make changes as needed.

➀︎ Get Paid For Teaching

If you decide to use Salt Meet as a platform to host your courses, you can earn money by selling your course to learners.

➀Easy Setup & Quick Launch

Since Salt Meet is a web based platform, there is no need to hire developers to develop your course. It takes less time to set up your account and start launching your course.

➀ Supportive Community

As a Salt Meet instructor, you’ll be part of a dynamic community of various instructors and learners from across the world who will provide you with support, guidance, and ideas to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll have access to our support team and learning experts’ materials to help you get started on your path to becoming an online instructor.


Why Learn on Salt Meet?

If you are a learner, here are some reasons that you should consider learning on Salt Meet:

βœ… Easy To Use

Salt Meet is very easy to use. The platform provides intuitive tools and resources to help you quickly launch your first course.

βœ… Flexible Learning

SALT MEET aims to give everyone an affordable and high-quality education through courses hosted on our platform, which allows us to reach people around the globe.

βœ… High-Quality Education

We ensure that all our courses are well organized and structured to ensure quality education.

βœ… Secure Environment

All data stored on SALT MEET is encrypted and protected using SSL technology.