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Interactive E-Learning Platform

The Importance of Interactive Learning Platform 

By Irene Seow

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools shut all across the world since 2020. This situation challenged the education system across the world and forced educators to shift to an online mode of teaching overnight. Moving towards MCO 2 in Malaysia, forced many schools and institutions to remain closed temporarily.

Educational units are struggling to find options to deal with this challenging situation. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

Now that affordable e-learning solutions exist for both computers and the internet, it only takes a good e-learning tool for education to be facilitated from virtually anywhere. Technology has advanced so much that the geographical gap is bridged with the use of tools that make you feel as if you are inside the classroom. E-learning offers the ability to  share material in all kinds of formats such as videos, slideshows, word documents, PDFs and even being able to interact with teachers during the webinars (live online classes).

Educators believe that utilising Interactive E-Learning platform is able to maintain learners levels of concentration. With the right tool, parents are also confident in the quality of teaching through E-Learning during this pandemic.

According to research, the majority of students learn more, in fact – interacting (with a resource, or other people) than they do reading. Asking students to reconstitute what they’ve learnt in other forms – paraphrasing, the creation of a short animation, or a mindmap – will ensure that their brains remain engaged. Interactive learning has proven to be effective in assisting the teaching and learning experience. It has been observed that the one way communication method of lecturing with limited or no opportunity for feedback from students and audiences in general has a major impact on their attention span and the retention level.

Educators should not fail to adapt and respond to the needs of 21st century bust and multi-tasking students for innovative learning methods, i.e. interactive learning. The role of education institutions and educators in the future will become demand-driven; to satisfy technically sophisticated student clients. The integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that E-learning will eventually become an integral component of school education.

There is a plethora of different e-learning systems/platforms (such as Learning Management Systems, or LMSs for short) with live streams suitable for teachers or Business Coaches. Edulive is one of the holistic solutions for an Interactive Platform with E-Learning.

Contact us for further consultation and discover the easiest way to implement modern, efficient and interactive E-learning.

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