SALT TECH- How PIHEC 2022 Unleashed New Ways To Engage With Audience Through Virtual Event Platforms?

How PIHEC 2022 Unleashed New Ways To Engage With Audience Through Virtual Event Platforms?

The world has been going through a time of rapid technological advancement. As a result, we no longer need to travel long distances to attend events. Today, thanks to technology, we can virtually connect anywhere in the world through virtual events.

Penang International Halal Expo and Conference (PIHEC), the largest halal expo in Penang, has been back after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID-19. PIHEC aims to provide a platform for all stakeholders in the halal industry to come together and share their knowledge and expertise.

Unlike the previous PIHEC events, the 2022 edition was held through a combination of physical and virtual events. The physical event was held at SPICE Convention Centre, Penang, while the virtual one was held through a dedicated virtual platform which is accessible for both exhibitors and visitors, developed by Salt Tech.

The PIHEC 2022 unleashed a new era of digitalisation in the halal events industry. Here’s how PIHEC 2022 opened up ways to engage with the audience further.

Hybrid Setting: A Combination of Physical & Virtual Events

To ensure that the event runs smoothly, the organisers decided to hold the event in two different settings – one physical and another virtual.

The unique hybrid setting allowed the organisers to cater to the needs of both exhibitors and attendees. For example, if an exhibitor wanted to showcase their products or services but did not have enough space, they could still exhibit using the virtual platform. On the other hand, if an attendee wanted to learn more about a particular product or service, they could attend through the virtual platform.

This hybrid setting also enabled the organisers to reach out to a broader audience than what they would typically be able to achieve. This is because the virtual platform allows them to interact with people from across the globe.

SALT TECH- How PIHEC 2022 Unleashed New Ways To Engage With Audience Through Virtual Event Platforms?

Virtual Exhibitions: An Effective Way To Engage With Audience

The first step toward making this year’s PIHEC more engaging was to develop an online platform allowing exhibitors and visitors to interact. This allowed them to stay connected even if they were not physically present at the same place.

A virtual exhibition is similar to a traditional exhibition, but instead of being held in a physical location, it takes place online. Businesses can easily create an interactive experience using various tools available today. They can even invite customers to interact with their brand via social media platforms.

As part of the virtual exhibition, PIHEC showcases various exhibitors who showcase their products and services at the event.

Virtual Conferences: One Place To Share Knowledge

Another way to make the event more engaging was to host virtual conferences. Unlike a regular conference where participants gather in a single room to listen to speakers, these virtual conferences take place over the internet. As a result, participants can join the conference from any location around the world.

For those who prefer attending the PIHEC conferences virtually, there are two options available. The first option would be attendees who want to participate in the live conference. The second option is for those who could not attend the live conference due to time constraints. In such cases, they will be given access to the recorded version of the conference, which brings us to the next point.

Easy Access to Conference Replays

One of the biggest challenges many organisations face when organising a conference is ensuring that all participants get equal opportunity to attend and watch the speakers at the event.

However, PIHEC has overcome this challenge by providing replays of the conference sessions on demand.

To ensure that everyone gets the chance to view the event, PIHEC organisers upload the video recordings onto the official website after the event. Anyone can then download the recording and view them whenever they want.

SALT TECH- How PIHEC 2022 Unleashed New Ways To Engage With Audience Through Virtual Event Platforms?

Virtual Networking With Clients

Networking does not have to be limited to face-to-face interactions. It can also be done virtually. This is why PIHEC 2022 decided to incorporate networking into the virtual component of the event.

In addition to allowing attendees to connect with each other, the organisers also encourage exhibitors to network with clients.

Companies can establish new connections and expand their network by connecting with them virtually via live chats and Q&A sessions.


The future of events is going digital. Virtual exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to reach out to their target audiences. Organisations can increase engagement and customer satisfaction by incorporating virtual elements into the event.

PIHEC 2022 sets a significant example of how virtual exhibitions can enhance an event’s overall experience, even when it is held physically at the same time. Organisers can use the same model to organise their future expos and conferences.

The virtual event platform for PIHEC 2022 was proudly developed by Salt Tech. Salt Tech’s team of experts created a unique online platform that allows users to interact with the event content in real-time. In addition, we also offer digital marketing services and other technology development services to help you achieve a seamless experience across all your channels.

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