How does LMS benefit Trainer and Trainee?

There is a shift away from the highly structured classroom in today’s education paradigm and towards a more blended learning environment, particularly towards online learning. This idea of the networked student and teacher promotes inquiry-based learning and digital literacy. To help students in this learning environment, LMSs need to be flexible in terms of how they work with different tasks and content types.


Think of an LMS as a vast website with many features like forums, blogs, discussion groups, virtual classrooms, etc. For example, assessments can be given using quizzes and gamification so that students can interact with each other while assessing their learning progress.


Trainees can view the course they are enrolled in, outstanding work, and resources when it is time for them to complete an assignment or exam. This system also allows both parties to communicate through email or chat messages for better online learning.


Furthermore, learning management systems are now more than just a place to store course content. They’re also designed with modern collaborative platforms that help go through the assessment process and build courses. It also allows for measuring the effectiveness of training programs so you can fine-tune them to meet ROI objectives.


A learning management system should also help reduce the time it takes to complete coursework by providing access to all relevant information at once rather than going back into separate websites or apps. Plus, educators can keep track of their student’s learning outcomes in one place so they know exactly what they have taught and where there may be gaps in knowledge.


There are many benefits for students, educators, and even companies when using an LMS, such as cost savings or less time spent on administration tasks related to managing student records.


In addition, it can help students develop competency in the subject by allowing them to define their learning process at their own pace. It makes up for the lack of face-to-face interactions and still helps to maintain an online course or program that is successful.


Distance Learning Made Better

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Learning management systems provide many advantages over traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Unlike the traditional classroom setting and using Zoom or Google Meet, LMS allows trainers to create custom lessons and manage their curriculum because they offer flexibility and convenience.


But worry no more!

Edulive enables you to easily share downloadable content, assignments, quizzes, tests, videos, and presentations, accessible across any device. As Edulive is web-based, you don’t need to install any apps on your device.

Trainers can assign homework, quizzes, collect feedback, and monitor performance remotely without leaving the classroom.

With Edulive, engagement levels can increase by providing real-time collaboration between trainers and trainees via interactive whiteboards. For example, trainees can ask questions directly to trainers while teachers can give immediate responses. Trainers can also see how trainees interact along the learning process.

Learning content templates are also provided, so you don’t need to waste so much time on what kind of learning content to provide for your trainees.


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