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How Did Shopee Become Successful with Unique Features in their E-commerce platform to Drive Sales

We all know Shopee, an online marketplace that sells everything from electronics to clothing and even food. It is particularly prevalent in six countries in SouthEast Asia, where it claims over approximately 54 million monthly visitors in Malaysia. The app allows buyers to browse through thousands of products at their fingertips.

You may be wondering, how does Shopee become so successful despite being a late-comer in the eCommerce industry? Well, there are several factors and features that they have that we can learn from. Here are some of them:

Heavy Focus on Promotions & Add-Ons

As mentioned earlier, they are late-comers, so they have to make up for lost time with a way to differentiate themselves from other eCommerce players.

Shopee understands that consumers are always looking for new deals and discounts. This is why they have made sure to offer promotions and add-ons every single day so that customers will feel like they are getting something special when shopping on their platform.

They also understand that people want to buy more than one thing at once. So, they allow users to purchase multiple items at once with a discount. So, for example, if you wanted to buy a laptop and accessories, you could do so easily within the same transaction at a bundle discount.

When shoppers realize that they can take advantage of the special deals available, they tend to spend more money and more time on Shopee. This would increase the sales and revenue for Shopee in the long term.

With that, Shopee sites tend to rank highly in search engines, accelerating their search engine optimization or SEO.

Hyperlocalisation Focus That Drives Memorable Digital Experiences

Another advantage that Shopee has is that they cater to local audiences. Unlike most eCommerce platforms that serve global markets in a single website or app, Shopee creates stand-alone applications that cater to specific regions.

For example, they have developed dedicated Shopee apps for customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. These apps are built specifically to address the needs of these markets.

There are also specific categories within the site that are designed to fit the preferences of the local audience. For instance, there are Halal sections in both Malaysian and Indonesian sites as both countries are Muslim majority, so it makes sense that they would have separate categories for Islamic products.

The result? Shopee has been able to gain traction among local shoppers who prefer to shop locally and provide a better experience for their users.

Mobile-First Experience

Another critical factor that sets Shopee apart is its mobile-first approach.

As more and more people use their smartphones to browse online, Shopee took advantage of that trend.

Their website is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Allowing shoppers to access the site using any device gives them a seamless user experience.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate. This also applies through their Shopee app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app itself is very intuitive and easy to use. Users can search for products, view product details, and checkout without much hiccups.

In addition to this, they have made sure to include multiple payment options such as eWallets and credit/debit cards. These payment methods are widely used in Southeast Asian countries due to their popularity of such options.

For some products, the cash-on-delivery or COD option is also available, making it even easier for shoppers to pay for their purchases.

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Wishlists – Save for Later!

Another prominent feature that sets Shopee apart from others is the wishlist. 

It allows users to create wishlists in which buyers can save the products that they see on Shopee so that they can come back later to complete their purchases in a single list.

Users can choose to share their lists with friends and family members who might be interested in buying similar items. The sharing feature helps to spread the word about the products that are selling well.

They can categorize the wishlist into different sections depending on what type of product it is, or by certain categories.

Abandoned Cart Messaging Strategy to Increase Conversion Rate

One of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers is cart abandonment. As we’ve seen earlier, this happens when a customer adds an item to his/her cart and leaves without making any purchases.

Research by the Baymard Institute showed that the average online cart abandonment rate is 69.89%.

However, Shopee offers a solution to this problem through their automated messages. These messages remind buyers of items that they added to their carts but did not complete their orders.

These reminders help users to complete their orders and prevent customers from leaving the site without completing their orders.

Live Streaming = More Participation

Online streaming services are becoming increasingly popular these days. People love watching live streams because it gives them a chance to interact directly with the host or presenter.

Shopee took advantage of the trend by integrating live streaming into their site. Sellers can host live shows where they talk about their products or topics related to their products.

Live streaming events can even turn into contests where winners get prizes.

This would encourage sellers to participate in live streaming events and promote their businesses, which in turn, increase their online sales.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics are two powerful tools that can be used to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Shopee uses AI and big data to identify patterns and trends in user behavior and then use those insights to optimize marketing campaigns, as well as for product recommendations based on past purchase history.

By incorporating AI and big data analysis, Shopee aims to provide better personalized experiences to its customers.

Integrating Shopping with Social

Social media plays an important role in driving traffic to online stores. By integrating social media elements into the online buying experience, you can reach a wider audience and engage them with content that will keep them coming back.

Shopee integrates social sharing and other elements into their website to allow buyers to easily access their accounts. Buyers can also message the sellers via chat so they can ask questions or request additional information before purchasing.

The integration of social media platforms into Shopee makes it easier for users to connect with each other and share information about products and brands. This in turn encourages people to buy more products and spend more time browsing the site.

With a strong focus on customer service and an emphasis on providing a great user experience, Shopee is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the e-Commerce space.

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