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Enterprise Solutions

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We provide comprehensive Enterprise Management Solutions that are designed to help schools, colleges and universities manage all aspects of their education programs.

It includes a Learning Management System (LMS), which allows students to access course materials, assignments, exams and grades online.

A LMS also enables teachers to assign homework, monitor student progress and communicate with parents and guardians via email or phone.

We also have an Interactive Online Classroom which allows students to interact with each other and with the teacher through a combination of video conferencing and virtual whiteboard.


Many organizations have been using enterprise solutions for years but there is no standardisation across different systems and vendors.

There is also no single point of contact for administrators, teachers and students to use them effectively.


  • We will ensure that our enterprise management can solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • This will allow you to easily add new features and functionality as required.


We will conduct a discovery call to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and requirements.

We will propose an enterprise solution (including learning management system, and interactive online classroom) that addresses your unique problems and requirements.

We will implement the solution and train your staff.

You will start seeing benefits within weeks.

Why us: 

We understand your specific challenges and needs. This means we can develop a customised solution that works for you.