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Design and Branding Services That You Should Not Miss Out

Corporate Branding Identity

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Corporate Identity Branding is the art and skill to design a brand that represents your company and its values.

It’s not simply a logo or colour scheme but a visual language that communicates your brand message.

A well-designed brand will help you stand out from the crowd and attract new clients.


Many businesses have no idea what their brand stands for and what makes them unique.


At Salt Tech Solutions, we believe that every organisation has a story to tell. We use creative thinking and strategic planning to develop brands that communicate your core values and inspire your audiences.


Salt Tech Solutions uses a 5 step process to ensure your brand is developed effectively and efficiently.

  1. Discovery – Discover your brand story and vision.
  2. Strategy – Develop a clear understanding of your brand positioning and messaging.
  3. Ideation – Create concepts and designs that reflect your brand.
  4. Execution – Produce final concepts and materials.
  5. Implementation – Implement your brand across all channels.

Why us:

We understand your brand and create a powerful brand experience that attracts new clients and inspires existing clients. 

It is the intangible attitude and spirit behind the company that gives it a distinguishing identity in the industry and in the minds of consumers.


Motion Graphics/GIF

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Motion Graphics are short videos or animations created using software such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D, and Blender.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format used to store images.

A GIF image is made up of a series of still frames which are displayed one after another.


Many businesses don’t know how to use motion graphics and GIF files; therefore they don’t have any video content on their website.


With our motion graphics and GIF service, we will help you to create engaging video content that attracts attention and converts viewers into buyers.

We will create a unique animated intro, explainer, and exit videos to engage your audience and convert them into clients.

We will also create a customized landing page that includes a video intro, call to action buttons, and a form.


  1. We will review your requirements and discuss your budget.
  2. We will create a design concept that matches your brand identity and style.
  3. We will develop a timeline and deliver a final product within 30 days.
  4. You will be able to download the final project as a zip file.
  5. If you need further assistance, we will offer support until you are satisfied with the end result.

Why us: 

We create high-quality animated videos that attract attention and convert viewers into clients.

Your animated Stickers online. You can use a GIF file as a video ad on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

The art of making animated objects appear to move. Animation is an artistic impulse that is able to trigger your imagination.


Online Display Design 

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Online Display Design is the art and skill to design a website that looks great on all devices.

It involves creating a responsive layout that works well across desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

A good display design will help your website look professional and attract new customers.


Many businesses have no idea how to design a website that looks good on all devices.


With our online display design service, we take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

We’ll create a unique design that fits your brand and your budget.

We’re experts at converting static images into dynamic designs that work well on mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and understand what makes them tick.


We start with a discovery call to discuss your goals, objectives, and requirements.

Next, we’ll review your existing website and determine which elements need updating or replacing.

We’d then create a wireframe mockup of your new design.

Finally, we’ll present you with a final design that you approve before we go live.

Why us:

Salt Tech Solutions are the one who understands what your audience wants and creates a website that converts.