SALT TECH-5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Their Information Technology (IT) Departments

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Their Information Technology (IT) Departments

Have you ever wondered why companies outsource or what is the exact meaning of “outsourcing”? 

Outsourcing is a practice where a company hires a third-party company to provide their professional services and best skills in order to meet the customer’s requirements. 

There is no single reason why outsourcing is vital, though it depends on the company’s background and the actual needs of the third party.

In the era of digitization, information technology is crucial for a company to enhance its growing needs and support the back end of a business. Robust IT support is the key to remaining successful and competitive in any industry.

According to, the average salary of an information technology developer is moderate — RM6,050 to RM8,550 per month in Malaysia. It is not surprising in recent years as IT developer rates fluctuate depending on the vendor’s location, experience, and the project scope itself. 


Without further ado, let’s get deep into the reason why companies need to outsource their information technology departments.

Reasons why companies need to outsource

SALT TECH-5 Reasons why companies should outsource their information technology (IT) departments

Here are some of the most common reasons for IT outsourcing, including:

Reduce the Operation Costs

The main reason for hiring an outsourcer is to reduce the significant cost of operation. 

IT outsourcing allows you to get your work done at the lowest cost and ensure high-quality service at the same time. 

Better Access to the Pool of Talents

The ever-growing technology market requires new talents that may not be readily available in your area.

You don’t have to invest lots of money in employee training, but select the specific outsourced IT team that you need to complete the project that gives you access to a broader pool of talent on a global scale.

Improve Cybersecurity

With the complex cyber-attacks nowadays, all businesses are at risk of becoming victims. 

To reduce the risk, hiring a trusted IT outsourcing company can increase the protection of cybersecurity of your business to focus on prevention, detection and remediation.

Greater Competitive Edge Among Competitors

IT outsourcing can make your business remain flexible and agile, enabling you to adapt and stay ahead of the changing market. 

More Professional IT Consultation and Evaluation

By executing your project, the outsourced IT team can use their acumen to evaluate and help to improve your IT operations.


They can access it by using their collective skills and experience to satisfy your requirements

Big companies that outsource

There are some well-known companies that outsource information technology to access the pool of talent and skills as well as reduce operational costs. Here are some examples of companies that outsource:

  • Google
  • Alibaba
  • WhatsApp
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • LinkedIn

Will you lose control if you outsource your IT department?

Since outsourcing is so helpful in running your business, does that also mean you might not be able to be in charge and lose control of your IT department? It is a common question that is always asked by entrepreneurs.

To answer this, of course not! 

However, it all depends on the owner’s decisions and the way they think about outsourcing their business. 

Hence, you, as the business owner, can request to receive regular updates from us and have the right to make decisions and be a part of the process.  

Outsourcing does not mean you will totally lose control of your IT department, but instead will free up your time to manage your business operations more.

SALT TECH- 5 Reason Why Companies Should Outsource Their Information Technology (IT) Departments

There are several programming languages that are commonly used by Salt Tech:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • Node JS
  • React
SALT TECH-Programming Languages that commonly used by Salt Tech

All in all,

Outsourcing of IT has become increasingly important for small businesses or even big businesses that could offer a realistic option for them. 

Salt Tech is one of the IT outsourcing companies in Penang, Malaysia. Salt Tech is a trustworthy partner that values you, and we believe the outsourcing of IT services should be under your consideration while operating a business in recent years. 

At Salt Tech, our innovative IT outsourcing services are aligned with your business goals. We are a team who will help you to improve your business in a transparent and effective way. 


Get in touch with us, and do not hesitate to book a meeting with us to find out more about our outsourcing service!