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Carrot & Salt Approach to Work

Better Alternative to the Carrot and Stick Approach

You probably have heard of the “carrot and stick” method. This method uses something similar to carrots to reward customers who behave well and sticks to punish those who don’t.

The idea is that if a customer behaves in a certain way, they will be rewarded with something nice or punished by being denied access to what they want.

If this sounds familiar, it is because everyone uses this approach all this while! We call it the ‘rewards system.

carrot and sticks

Beyond the Carrot and Stick

The carrot and the stick is a common way that most companies use to influence customer behavior. This can also be applied to the education sector, particularly online learning.

This includes making trainees feel that they are not alone or doing their part to be better members of the class. Social norms are rules that govern acceptable behaviors within groups. It relies on the idea that people will do what they think is “normal” or expected of them in society.¬†

This alternative provides an easy mechanism through which large numbers of people can exert pressure on each other to change their behavior.

For example, if everyone else is interacting in the virtual classroom, talking and asking questions, then you may want to participate as well. In contrast, if no one is watching out for others, nobody would care about you, or even you get left out.

This theory has been increasingly popular because it can be used to influence the behaviors of everyone without relying on rewards and punishments. For instance, a trainer can encourage good behavior by creating a positive learning environment to attract and promote engagement between the trainer and trainees.

In turn, trainers gain greater confidence because they can rely on the experience of a broad range of their trainees. They know that they won’t have any significant problems as long as they know how to do well in their classrooms. Trainees benefit from knowing that they aren’t going against the grain. If everybody does it, why shouldn’t you, right?

Normative control used to be a necessary enforcement tool for some, but it may not work by itself, especially nowadays.

Successful online learning reinforces the wisdom of the choice, which offers alternatives to traditional ways of dealing with learning and teaching.

Trainees, for instance, feel a natural inclination to act in ways that will garner the approval of other peers. Therefore, when they see someone behaving badly, they often try to correct the situation themselves.

Carrot and Salt Approach

At Salt Tech Solutions, we believe that better communications among trainers and trainees are much more valuable.

This means that we need to make sure that our clients understand how important it is to us to ensure that the learning experience isn’t just about rewarding and punishing. We’ve found that the best approach is to combine both carrots and sticks. That’s where the salt comes in.

Salt is a metaphor for something that makes things more difficult. It doesn’t mean anything wrong; it simply refers to something that adds complexity to life.

In terms of training, salt is like having a rule book that says that all participants must behave responsibly during the virtual classroom sessions.

The key thing here is that the trainees know what they should do but also understands that there are circumstances under which these rules don’t apply.

In addition, the trainer needs to explain clearly what happens when the rules break down. He or she needs to provide clear guidance so that the learner knows exactly what to expect.

We, therefore, decided to develop a unique solution based on the concept of “carrot and salt.”

We provide avenues for better education to the next level with our technology-based solutions. Our goal is to help learners become successful through practical engagement in the virtual learning world. This also applies to e-commerce businesses that want to increase sales using an innovative strategy.

Our team at Salt Tech Solutions believes that this new way of teaching and learning will bring meaningful impact to trainers and trainees.

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